Unlocking the potential of
Leksell Gamma Knife® Radiosurgery

When the right key fits into the right lock, it can be the catalyst for unleashing undiscovered potential. In the world of stereotactic radiosurgery, this means opening up opportunities to reach the highest potential with the Leksell Gamma Knife.

Introducing the Leksell® Vantage™ for
Leksell Gamma Knife

Delivering the most advanced frame system for the #1 choice in intracranial radiosurgery. A perfect merger of the best in stereotactic neurosurgery with the best in stereotactic radiosurgery, Leksell Vantage stereotactic headframe is the new partner of Leksell Gamma Knife.

Interactive Demo

Explore this interactive demo to experience the benefits of Leksell Vantage and how it is advancing Leksell Gamma Knife radiosurgery.

Vantage for Leksell Gamma Knife offers a complete solution for frame-based SRS for Leksell Gamma Knife® Icon™ and Perfexion™. Innovative materials unlock the potential for higher resolution intracranial imaging, in 50% less scan time*, with superior structural information. Open face design both increases patient comfort and treatment experience, while allowing easier access for clinicians. Easy assembly and fully integrated treatment planning ensure a simplified workflow.

*Evaluated by Ola Norbeck, MRI Physicist at the Department of Neuroradiology,Karolinska University Hospital Ph. D. Student at the Department of Clinical Neuroscience, Karolinska Institutet

Hear what clinicians have to say about their initial experience with Vantage for Leksell Gamma Knife:

“Vantage for Leksell Gamma Knife is clearly a step forward in terms of quality of images and reduced MRI acquisition time. Vantage is creating less artefacts and less distortion, which means that we can use MRI sequences that are faster. In addition, with the better quality images we also expect improvements in targeting accuracy.”

Jean Régis, MD Director Stereotactic, Functional Neurosurgery and Radiosurgery Timone University Hospital, Marseille FR

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Leksell Vantage for Leksell Gamma Knife has CE mark. Not available in all markets.