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Watch here to see the President of Elekta Linac Solutions explain how ProKnow can unlock your data to help enhance patient care.

Every day huge amounts of data are created in radiotherapy clinics across the globe. A wealth of insight is contained within these data, but without simple, intuitive solutions, it remains locked away from the experts who need it the most.
By centralizing all your data in a secure web-based repository, ProKnow unlocks your data and makes it accessible, which enables you to connect your clinical teams from anywhere, at any time.
It also opens the door to new insights, with real time analytics that enable you to effortlessly identify trends and outliers, standardize treatment and enhance patient care.

A few words from our customers

Watch Dr Matt Ladra speak about the value of ProKnow real time analytics.

Watch Dr Ben Li speak about the value of ProKnow for continuous education.

Hear how ProKnow started, why it can help and what's coming next

Ben Nelms and Sal Gerace, the innovators of ProKnow are proud to tell you all about this exciting adventure.

If you are interested in learning more, we recently hosted a webinar with Dr Matt Ladra and Ben Nelms. It can be accessed from the link here: Elekta ProKnow | Using data to correlate neurocognitive outcomes

We hope you have enjoyed hearing about ProKnow. To recap, hopefully this video will help summarize everything you have heard.

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