Elekta proudly unveils new brachytherapy products

At Elekta, Brachytherapy innovation is in our DNA. With abundant clinical evidence, it is an indispensable part of radiation therapy. With that in mind, we wanted to continue to share our latest additions to the portfolio, to reaffirm our commitment to be here until cancer isn’t. Like our clinical partners, we keep thinking forward!

Presented by Maarten ter Mors
Presented by Arnoud Klont

Elekta Flexitron afterloader—Performance you can rely on
Providing treatment certainty in a safe way and building on a world-class legacy, the 7th generation Flexitron is the most durable afterloader. Designed with safety in mind to prevent human error in a smooth workflow with faster treatment—up to 30%.

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We are proud to present Elekta’s universal gynecological applicator—Elekta Geneva!
Geneva* is an adaptable solution for a diverse patient population. This solution provides precise treatment planning and accurate dose delivery—and is quick and easy to assemble, ready for use in just four clicks, ensuring a fast workflow.

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*Geneva applicator is CE Marked and has U.S. FDA 510(k) clearance.

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We hope you have enjoyed hearing about the innovation that is happening in the field of brachytherapy. We wanted to share this with you as we know, like you, we want to help make precision radiation medicine available to all. We also hope to see many of you soon.

Thank you for you joining us.

Your recent questions

A: If you have any questions about the new products presented on this page, please submit your questions using the form provided. We will review your questions and endeavour to answer them on this page.

A: Geneva has CE clearance and is currently 510K and Health Canada pending. Please contact your local sales representative for more information about Geneva and its availability.

A: Geneva is a modular applicator, you can choose and set up your own set, similar to the Venezia applicator. You only purchase the modules you need for your patients.

A: The Geneva intrauterine tubes have indeed a 4mm diameter, however through innovation, the offset has been reduced to 8mm. This allows treating closer to the fundus of the uterus with the same tandem length. On that topic: Geneva also has an 80 mm intrauterine tube, which is longer than most historic applicators.

A: The efficiency improvement of the treatment execution depends on the amount of channels being used for treatment. Flexitron is up to 30% faster when doing a single channel treatment. For a common gyn treatment (using 3 channels) Flexitron is now 20% faster! The more channels (and dwell positions) the treatment has, the more the treatment time is dominated by the source activity, by physics in other words.

A: Elekta has improved the design of 12 components of the selector resulting in unrivalled uptime. The selector is the component of Flexitron that brings the source and check cables to the correct channel and verifies that this happens correctly every time. Some of these automated verifications provide Flexitron with its legendary safety built-in by design. The component improvements allow Flexitron to recover from an error scenario in such a verification or even prevent it occurs at all. That’s what unrivalled uptime means: letting treatments continue as planned was of paramount important in the design. Also, the selector improvements contribute to the performance gains made in the 7th generation Flexitron.

A: Window 10 IoT (= “Internet of Things”) is a dedicated platform which is used as the basis of Cyber security and patient data privacy support, for devices like Flexitron where a much higher standard of unattended operation is required than a standard Windows PC. Window 10 IoT allows Elekta to apply “Hardening” to the system. Hardening is the process of securing a system by reducing its surface of vulnerability, which has been done both on and by the Windows 10 IoT platform and in the Flexitron software itself.

A: Yes Geneva uses the same ProGuide interstitial needles and guiding tubes as Venezia.

A: Geneva can be used post hysterectomy with the special Interstitial Tube. You can now insert a needle in between the ovoids in more accurate way, which makes use of a proguide needle.

A: The new Flexitron is available for both the Iridium version as well as the Cobalt version. Note that availability is depending per country on registration. Please contact local Elekta representative for more information about availibility.

A: Yes, Geneva is compatible with the microSelectron Digital (V3) and Flexitron afterloader.

A: Just like many other Elekta applicators Geneva is MR safe. This is a unique property of Elekta applicators, it contains no metal parts.

A: 13mm /15mm ovoids have in total 6 needle channels (left and right 3 each), 20mm/25mm have 10 needles channels in total, 30mm/35mm/40mm have 14 needle channels in total. In between ovoids you can use the interstitial tube to insert needle between ovoids. You can also use the medial needle channels on the ovoids.

A: Elekta applicators like Geneva, the Flexitron afterloader and the Oncentra Brachy treatment planning system are one integrated, unbreakable unity to provide the clinical benefits, planning efficiency and treatment accuracy and safety. As such, Geneva can only be used with Elekta Flexitron and microSelectron Digital afterloaders.

A: Yes! Virtually all currently installed Flexitron afterloaders can be upgraded to benefit from the new functionality and performance enhancements. For ElektaCare customers, the upgrade is part of your contract entitlement in many cases. For recently installed machines, the upgrade falls under warranty. The exact details depend on your Flexitron machine and configuration. Please contact your local Elekta representative for details.

A: Geneva is MR safe, it is therefore visible under any image modality (CT, MR, US, X-Ray). Image guidance is possible under CT, ultrasound and even MR.

A: We kept the visual identity of the 7th generation Flexitron very close to the 6th generation. In spite of the many changes ‘under the hood’, Elekta’s engineers succeeded in maintaining the proven ergonomics, small footprint and low weight of the Flexitron afterloader.

A: For the Asian patients, small pelvic anatomies Geneva offers the smallest Interstitial Ovoids which was not available till now. The size is 13mm (radius 7,5) and height is also reduced to 20mm, compared to standard ovoids which are 25mm hight 9 (raduis 10). There are also 4mm intrauterine tube available in angles 15, 30 and 45 degrees and lengths from 0mm to 80mm.

A: First of all Venezia is ring shaped applicator, and Geneva has Ovoids. The choice of using either ring or Ovoids depends of the clinician, the patient, and the tumor shape. Sometimes where the ring shape fits perfect the anatomy in some cases the Ovoids can offer a better fit and so the better target coverage. Secondly, Venezia is really for those advanced stage cases up to stage IV cervical cases, with possibility of inserting oblique needles in the lunar shaped ovoids. Geneva can only treat stages up to IIB and has a special interstitial tube where you can treat patient who had hysterectomy, in a more accurate way through a ProGuide needle. Geneva offers also the smallest ovoid with a diameter of 13mm interstitial for those patient where you need the smaller ovoid and even sometimes Venezia doesn’t fit.

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