Elekta proudly presents
Elekta Studio

Elekta Studio presented by Marjolein Idzes, Director Marketing Strategy Brachytherapy

We are proud to present Elekta Studio—for you to unleash the full potential of interventional radiotherapy!
Elekta Studio is a complete solution for contemporary radiation treatment. It provides you the images you needed for every step of the workflow. From insertion and planning to verification and treatment. It will streamline your QA procedures and treatment planning. But most important, it’s one space revolving around your patient! Imaging can come to the patient, instead of the other way around – for better comfort, less stress and lower risks of applicator displacement.

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ImagingRing - Dynamic imaging around your patient.
Mobile CT scanner with a small footprint and requires no additional shielding. Streamline your patient treatment procedure, all in one place.

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We hope you have enjoyed hearing about Elekta Studio and ImagingRing. We wanted to share this with you as we know, like you, we want to help make precision radiation medicine available to all.

Thank you for you joining us.

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Elekta Studio is comprised of multiple medical devices, some of which may not yet be available in all markets. Confirm availability with your local Elekta representative.