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The power of data to enhance patient care

Click here to learn about our unique solution called ProKnow. It has been designed to address the challenge of unlocking your data and making it accessible enabling you to connect your clinical teams from anywhere, at any time.

Leksell Gamma Knife® Lightning

A simple solution for accelerated radiosurgery

Leksell Gamma Knife Lightning is a new dose optimization solution for intracranial radiosurgery that provides simple and precise treatment planning and accelerated dose delivery. Learn how this product meets the increased demand for automated and personalized intracranial SRS.

Elekta Geneva

The universal gynecological brachy applicator

Geneva is a new adaptable solution for a diverse patient population. Providing precise treatment planning and accurate dose delivery—it is quick and easy to assemble, ready for use in just four clicks, ensuring a fast workflow. Learn more about Geneva—one applicator for most cervical cancer patients up to stage IIB.